Characteristics of a Good Supervisor

Supervisors hold the immense responsibility of mediating between upper and lower levels of hierarchy. They make sure rules are followed and tasks are completed. They have to handle conflict well, address job and personnel needs, and maintain order in the workplace. It can be easy to forget some of the important duties that come with being a supervisor, with the days being hectic and the responsibilities being overwhelming all too often. This is why you need to remind yourself of what it takes to be a good supervisor.


Since you have to work with all kinds of people of various levels of authority, you have the difficult task of making everyone happy, finding diplomatic solutions to conflicts, and making compromises. Good communication skills and social skills are essential to being good at this job. Always be clear with whatever you need to say, whether it’s designating responsibilities or reporting problems. Never leave room for misunderstanding or confusion. Be open to being approached by workers who have concerns. Being trustworthy and understanding will be beneficial to employees and the company.

Enforcing Rules and Regulations

As you are overseeing many people’s work, you must regularly check that they are doing things by the book. It could be making sure workers are using PPE equipment appropriately, or simply that they are completing tasks in a timely and accurate manner. It is crucial to the wellbeing of the workers and that of the company to keep everything running smoothly. Address any mistakes or violations delicately, making sure to ascertain the truth before taking any further steps. Don’t avoid confrontation either. Many supervisors fear that they will get a bad reputation if they call someone on a mistake.

Be Adaptable

Having to handle so many people at once means that you need to think quick and adapt to whatever situation is thrown at you. Whether it is conflict in the workplace, or an unexpected snag in an ongoing project, you have to be able to think outside the box to find resolutions. Coordinating people, knowing how to recognize strengths, and good problem solving skills all factor into your job responsibilities. Keeping up with changes and thinking on your feet will improve your success in your career.

Mentor the Employees

Wherever weaknesses present, do your best to help by offering constructive feedback and pointing out how to improve. Reinforce good behavior with praise and acknowledgment. Keeping up a good relationship with your employees is one of the most important aspects of your job. Lead by example as far as possible, and share your knowledge and experiences. Workers will dramatically improve their performance.

These are just a few of the ways successful supervisors get the best out of employees and help keep the organization running well. You can easily reach your personal goals and those of the company by maintaining these simple workplace behaviors.