Easy to do part-time jobs as a student

Grownups often think that students do not have much of a life and life is easy to them. But, they forget to look back at their own school experience and life is never easy to anyone. Students have a packed schedule with studies and planning for college applications.

However, it should be noted that there is an economic factor that people often overlook when thinking about students. Yes, it might be true that they are not skilled or experienced. This in turn, affects students who work part-time at different places. Students are often paid less because of their inexperience and non-existent resume. However, here are few easy to do part time job that pay well and you get experience.

Find online jobs

Most of the online jobs are easy to do, from the comfort of your house. But, there are several fake jobs and frauds working. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are getting involved in something legit. You can work as a content writer, data entry analyst or even in recruitment jobs like cafe crew recruitment Singapore and other job recruitments.


If you have a particular skill set that might be useful to someone, then you can try to freelance. For example, if you are good at painting, you can freelance to people to paint their walls or houses. If you are good at tailoring, there are companies who will hire seasonal recruits.

Be a student tutor

Most of the schools do not have this program. However, you can work as a student tutor to your peers or juniors for money. If it is your peer, then you can make money as well as study. If it is not possible, you can start a small tuition for kids.

Babysit when you can

Unlike the preconceived notions, babysitting is not an easy job as portrayed in movies. Kids are naughty and they do not go to bed just because you say so. However, if you somehow find a rapport with the kid, then babysitting will be an amusing and entertaining job and you can easily make money.

Apart from the above mentioned jobs, you can also try working at restaurants and fast food joints. If, that seems like hectic work, you try store outlets and other places where they would need supervisors and wait staff. If you are into making handmade foods and crafts, you can do things for order. You can make use of social media to market your product. If you are not confident, you can operate by the word of mouth of your customers.