How you could perform better in bed

A lot of guys find it troubling to not be a better performer to their partner when it comes to bed, because it can be very embarrassing to disappoint your partner. Sometimes you would feel as if your partner is not completely satisfied with the way you pleasure her in bed that the thought of it just sticks to your head and disturbs you. Do not fret, a lof of guys are going through the same thing, but luckily there are ways that can help you be a better partner in bed.


Foreplay should always be at the top of the list. This is the one that starts it up, and get the body temperature rising. But people would then tend to overlook on this method, when in fact they shouldn’t. Prolonging foreplay denotes to having more time before you reach orgasm, and make your partner reach orgasm faster.


Always communicate with your partner, whether you are doing the deed or not, ask what she wants to happen, ask what she fantasizes the most, and ask if you are hitting the right spot. Of course it is a learning process, and eventually once you have it all figured out, then you will no longer have to constantly asking questions whether you are doing it right or not. Communication plays an integral role in bed because you are able to identify what you and your partner wants in order to get the best pleasure in bed.

Use some toys

Sometimes you just have to go a little bit kinky and get some sex toys. Using one will already be a great way to start your partner’s arousal. It is very common that one partner will reach orgasm faster than the other, and it can be a big pressure on both sides. Using a sex toy helps in stimulating your partner faster in order to reach orgasm, or better yet, help her reach multiple orgrasms.

This way, you are also able to explore ways to make sex less boring. It brings in better ways to have sex, to be more satisfied, and enjoy and make the whole experience hotter each time you do it.

Try new positions

Using the same old doggy and missionary positions are the ones you would usually use during your first few months of engaging in sex. Search for new positions that you could do, in that way, you are able to assess which one works better, and which one really hits the g-spot hard. Trying out new positions enable both of you to have a more enjoyable experience.

Sex is meant to be enjoyed, so no matter how much you do it, it all boils down to the quality of how you do it. Always aim to be a better performer.