Is a career in construction right for you?


There are many pathways that people can take once they have decided to pursue a career in construction. The building industry has projected growth of roughly 25% over the next five years, which means that there will be jobs now and in the future. This is an important consideration for people who are looking to embark on a path that will ensure they can save for the things they desire and live the life they dream of.


What skills do I need to get the best construction career?


  • It is important to be committed to continuous learning and always be looking to improve your skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis.
  • You will need to have developed strong decision making skills, with the ability to make a choice among varying options.
  • Digital technology has infiltrated every industry and building and construction is no different. People starting jobs in construction will need to be able to use computer applications and technical tools to operate machinery and manipulate information.
  • Strong literacy and numeracy skills. Builders are required to read and write to a high level, ensuring they can convey their message and understand instructions. They will also need to perform calculations, making good maths skills a must.
  • Job task planning and organisational skills. Often builders and constructions workers will be required to work independently to plan and organise daily tasks. This requires a good ability to be autonomous and mature to get the job done.
  • Strong oral communication is needed when conveying or exchanging information verbally. Construction sites are often noisy and high pressure, making it vital to be able to get your message across clearly.
  • Exceptional problem solving skills are needed to come up with solutions to challenges.
  • People skills and teamwork. Sometimes you will have to work with a large team or just a few people, and regardless, it is important to manage your coworker relationships to get the job done.


How can I get started in a construction career?


There are a number of ways to get your construction career underway. The most common is an apprenticeship, which means you will be paid to work and learn and finish the course with a qualification. This is an important factor as you will be able to take your skills and apply them elsewhere.


The second way is through post-secondary training, such as a VET course at a TAFE institute. These courses involve a large amount of practical learning, but aren’t in a true industry setting and you won’t be paid for your time.


The other way to get into your dream career is to get a job as an entry-level construction worker. This will consist solely of on the job training and you won’t have a qualification. This is a good option for those who didn’t perform well at school, but have a good range of social skills and a practical mind.