Things to Keep In Mind When Designing Your Restaurant Kitchen

What is the heart of a home? Many would say it’s the living room where everybody gathers and enjoys each other’s company. When it comes to a restaurant, it’s the kitchen. The kitchen in a restaurant is the place that keeps it thriving. It is the place where a chef’s passion is poured into each special culinary creation. All their effort and hard work go into the food being prepared which afterward is sent to diners to enjoy. So truly the kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and just like other important areas, it needs to be designed well.

Many restaurant owners tend to focus on the dining area and not the kitchen when it comes to design, and this is a huge mistake. As important as designing the dining area is to ensure that diners are satisfied, the kitchen needs to be designed well to ensure that the chefs are satisfied. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when designing the restaurant’s kitchen.

The Design Should Help the Chef Get Things Done Faster

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is not the aesthetics of the place but the overall layout of the kitchen. Chefs need speed when handling orders; therefore, your design needs to be one that helps them achieve this. In each work station in the kitchen, you need to have sinks incorporated and dustbins right underneath to ensure that things can be cleaned out quickly. Ovens need to be located close to the counters to ensure that there is no time wasted in retrieving the product. There shouldn’t be anything obstructing the pathways in the kitchen and try to have at least about 8 feet of space between each work station to ensure that chefs don’t knock one another or disturb each other.

Think Of Using Multipurpose Equipment

Floor space is precious and if you want a kitchen to be inviting and have enough counter space to work on, multipurpose equipment is your best friend. Equipment like a commercial combi oven can be used for multiple purposes like steaming, convection and combination cooking. All of which helps a chef get things done quickly and more efficiently without having to use multiple equipment. It is also easier to clean as there wouldn’t be too much equipment in the kitchen.

Use Wall Space More Than Floor Space

Try to assemble most of what you need on the walls instead of the floor. You could install ovens and such in the walls where they are both easy to reach and keep the kitchen spacious and welcoming. Also try to ensure that the pantries are spacious to ensure that there is enough space for storage. This would save you money as you would not have to buy separate cupboards to store goods.

Make the Space Aesthetically Pleasing

You don’t have to have a sterile white kitchen. Introducing colour and some decoration can actually make the kitchen more inviting and livelier. However, this decoration should not come in the way or obstruct movement. Try to hang a few paintings on the walls and maybe incorporate a small indoor herb garden to bring some freshness to the space. It also can be used for cooking and cut down expenditure on herbs so it’s a double win.

In the end when it comes to designing a restaurant’s kitchen, be practical but also creative. After all this space which is the heart of the restaurant needs to be treated with care.