What is the difference between an open and closed terrarium?

Terrarium has actually been developed from a Latin word. Terra is defined as the word “land” and arium has been defined as “home” or “place”. A terrarium is a little housed garden that is contained inside a glass container.

There are many terrarium making Singapore stores that are around. As these little gardens only take a little bit of space and you only need to maintain them occasionally, it is quite a good investment if you want to have a mini garden and you do not have the time to look after plants. Singaporeans do not have a knack for gardening or have the time however, they tend t prefer having a plant or two in their office or home.

There are two types of terrariums that most individuals are not aware of – open and closed terrarium. This article explores the differences between the two types.

Closed terrariums

These closed garden plants actually have a lid so that it can be completely closed in. due to the temperature being a bit slightly higher, the moisture in the plants and the soil will evaporate. What happens in the process is that when the water tries to evaporate, due to the condensation along the glass container walls and thus, the droplets fall back on to the soil. Due to this movement of water, the plants and the soil will have continuously supply of water and the plant will not wilt or become dry as this is an self-sufficient process. The required amount of sunlight will also pass through the glass container and therefore, photosynthesis will take place. However, you should not keep the terrarium in a place where there is direct sunlight or next to a cooking stove as this can cook up your plants inside the container.

Open terrariums

Open terrariums do not have or require a lid. These are perfect for plants that need dry conditions and does not need an environment with moisture. As these terrariums do not have a water cycle like the closed terrariums, it is opened to the environment outside and thus this means that a lot of water will evaporate every time it is watered. Due to this reason, you will have to water the plant a lot frequently especially due to the weather conditions in Singapore. Thus, the soil will tend to become dry and the leaves will tend to droop. Cacti and succulents are easier to maintain, as it does not need to be watered a lot.

As terrariums can add some peace and tranquillity in areas where there is little space such as your office desk, homes and even night tables.